Discussion nights

Because of the covid-19 pandemic we are currently not hosting any discussion nights. Hopefully we will again be able to do so in the near future!

At the core of Feminist Club Amsterdam (FCA)’s mission is to promote offline discussion community and engagement in a safe space. Our volunteers come together with members of the community, experts in various fields, and interested individuals to come up with a theme and topic sometimes in the form of a debate, lecture, listening session,  which is lead by one of our moderators.

With the generous contribution of space from our partner organizations such as Atria and Mama Cash, we are able to bring our thriving community together to discuss the various hot topic and timely subjects. Past discussion topic examples included: Feminism and Romance, Voting as a Feminist, Music for Gender Equality, and Race. You can find more information about organinzing a discussion night here.

Inclusion: FCA discussion nights are open to the public and stand to create a safe space full of dignity and respect for each other.  When you attend, please find our name tag space, write your name and how you like to be identified (i.e.: he/she/they/etc).

Fee: As of  Fall 2017, FCA has decided to start charging a small fee for our event in order to ensure that our organisation can continue into the future and provide refreshment for the amazing speakers, workshop hosts, and contributors that make the discussion nights, and the greater FCA program happen!  To read more about our decision to start charging fee’s please read here.

Summary Analysis:  We provide a summary analysis of our discussions, sometimes provided by the speaker, sometimes by our moderator team, or in some cases by you the members of the discussion!