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Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam)Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam)

Discussion Nights!

At the core of Feminist Club Amsterdam (FCA)’s mission is to promote offline discussion community and engagement in a safe space. Our volunteers come together with members of the community, experts in various fields, and interested individuals to come up with a theme and topic sometimes in the form of a debate, lecture, listening session,  which is lead by one of our moderators.

With the generous contribution of space from our partner organizations such as Atria and Mama Cash, we are able to bring our thriving community together to discuss the various hot topic and timely subjects. Past discussion topic examples included: Feminism and Romance, Voting as a Feminist, Music for Gender Equality, and Race.

Inclusion: FCA discussion nights are open to the public and stand to create a safe space full of dignity and respect for each other.  When you attend, please find our name tag space, write your name and how you like to be identified (i.e.: he/she/they/etc).

Fee: As of  Fall 2017, FCA has decided to start charging a small fee for our event in order to ensure that our organisation can continue into the future and provide refreshment for the amazing speakers, workshop hosts, and contributors that make the discussion nights, and the greater FCA program happen!  To read more about our decision to start charging fee’s please read here.

Summary Analysis:  We seem to provide a summary analysis of our discussions, sometimes provided by the speaker, sometimes by our moderator team, or in some cases by you the members of the discussion!

Future Events: 

September 5th 2017: 

Feminism in music: creating the ultimate feminist playlist:

About: After our summer hiatus, the Feminist Club Amsterdam has decided to kick off the Discussion Nights on a lighter, but nonetheless, important note: Feminism In Music.
The music industry is infamous for its abysmal treatment of women: disenfranchisement, sexual harassment, sexual assault, fat shaming… the list is long.

We believe that one of the best ways we can contribute to combatting misogyny and sexism in lyrics, music videos and the music industry, in general, is simply by making sure there are more female and feminist voices out there. So on Tuesday the 5th of September, let’s get together and create the ultimate feminist playlist!

Check out our shared Google Doc (i) the link to a (maximum of two) song(s); followed by (ii) the key lyrics/reason that made you pick this song in particular.

We’ve also complied a few articles listed below, which highlight the issues at stake. We’d invite you to read them before the workshop.

Feminism In Music: Perspectives On Sexism In The Music Industry

Anecdotes From Female Artist Show How Deep Sexism Runs In The Music Industry

Music Business ‘Feminism’ Is Little More Than Branding

 Location: Atria Institute (Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam)

Read a reflection of this discussion night here.

September 27th, 2017:

Feminism & Porn/Erotica



1. We are aware that this can be a difficult theme for asexual feminists to relate to, we do not intend for this discussion night to be excluding and therefore we would like to hear the opinions and experiences of people who identify as such too.
2. Some of the sources for the preparation of this discussion night debate anti-porn views. We are aware that these are problematic, for instance in perpetuating sex workers’ shaming, and therefore we do not support such implications. We do believe that it would be irresponsible, on the other hand, to completely exclude anti-porn positions, as they raise important questions on the eventual harmful side of specific kinds of porn.

The subject of porn/erotica is one of the classic divisive topics in feminism. Opinions and arguments continue to go at each other on wether it is a way of perpetuating male dominance and violence over women, or just a consenting performance of healthy sexual desires that can actually be liberating for its participants. The issue is more complex than this of course. The plethora of themes, types and modalities in porn and erotica makes for a diversity that would be reductive, if not impossible, to cathegorize in dichotomic ways. Furthermore, all the interesting work being done by rising alternative artists, as independent directors and queer, ethnical diverse, non-gender conformist, body positive performers; has been contributing for a democratization and expantion of what porn means, beyond the mainstream.

So where do we stand now? How can feminism come to terms with this form of entertainment without turning a blind eye on its potential harms? And how do we do this without ignoring the empowering capacities of it, and its potential for liberation and exploration of a diversified sexuality?

Please come join us for another discussion night, to discuss this subject with an open but respectful mind, and don’t forget to prepare by reading AT LEAST 3 of the following suggested sources:






ENTRANCE FEE: €2 (at the door)

Please do not forget to get your tickets on EventBrite! Check out the link below.

Location: Mama Cash (Eerste Helmersstraat 17-2HG, 1054 CX Amsterdam)

October 15th, 2017: Anti-Racism: w/Sarita Bajnath & Arzu Aslan

discussion night cover 10-17

Location: Atria (Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam)


On this night we will be delving into anti-racism with two experts: Arzu Aslan and Sarita Bajnath. They will both give a short lecture about their work and experiences. After that we will have the opportunity to delve into the matter further in a moderated discussion.

Arzu Aslan: Kurdish (cis straight) woman, daughter, sister, activist who hates respectability politics, teacher, muslima, feminist, and sometimes really very angry.

Sarita Bajnath: Surinamese, cis, straight woman, mother, entrepreneur, chairman embassy of peace Amsterdam ZO, trainer and speaker on diversity, inclusion and privilege, young woman empowerment, female football fanatic.

Moderator: Tirsa With

* You do not have to print your ticket, we will check your name at the door
* Atria is accessible by wheelchair. If you need assistance, please let us know by sending a message to info@thefeministclub.nl
* We will ask a cash entrance fee of €5 at the door, so we can pay our speakers and moderator for their labour. Please bring cash!
* If you are unable to pay this fee and/or need help with paying for public transport, please send us a message at info@thefeministclub.nl.

Location: Mama Cash (Eerste Helmersstraat 17-2HG, 1054 CX Amsterdam)

November 8th: TBA

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