Discussion nights

After two years of not organising any discussion nights because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to announce that we are getting back in the game! At the core of Feminist Club Amsterdam (FCA)’s mission is to promote offline discussion community and engagement in a safe space. Our volunteers come together with members of the community, experts in various fields, and interested individuals to come up with a theme and topic sometimes in the form of a debate, lecture, listening session,  which is lead by one of our moderators.

Past discussion topic examples included: Feminism and Romance, Voting as a Feminist, Music for Gender Equality, and Race. You can find more information about organizing a discussion night here.

Inclusion: FCA discussion nights are open to the public and stand to create a safe space full of dignity and respect for each other.  When you attend, please find our name tag space, write your name and how you like to be identified (i.e.: he/she/they/etc).

Summary Analysis:  Sometimes we provide a summary analysis of our discussions, sometimes provided by the speaker, sometimes by our moderator team, or in some cases by you the members of the discussion!