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Amsterdam Feminist Club in Cooperation with “no-nonsense Happy Activism Doetank PEER’ present: Feminist Film Screenings

An Introduction:

How can we understand a taboo if we can’t talk about the problem?

Activist platform No-Nonsense Happy Activism Doetank PEER and the Feminist Club Amsterdam have teamed up to frequently organise Unusual Feminist Filmscreenings where we screen small-production films  that bravely breaks down barriers and norms, are seen as controversial by some feminist circles and/or the general public and are often centred around a specific taboo. Therefore the title “Unusual Feminist Films” and we mean that in the best way.

Instead of leaving the cinema after the film is finished feeling troubled or puzzled, we want to talk, discuss and share each other’s opinions. We want to create a safe, inclusive and open environment where we can create a dialogue, exchange feminist ideas, confront and be confronted, collaborate, do some activism and hopefully break down the taboos that haunt our society and the world of feminism.  Because how can we understand a taboo if we can’t talk about the problem?

For who are these filmscreenings?
For everyone who is interested in/critical of/identifies with feminism and wants to have a dialogue. These events are in English unless pointed out otherwise!

Previous films
The films we screen are not solely dealing with gender-related issues, but take on different social issues at the same time that are present in the Netherlands to show that feminism is not just about gender.

Blogs about previous filmscreenings

Future Screenings:

Soon to be announced!

If you have suggestions for films, want to get involved (FCA is actively looking for volunteers!)  with hosting screenings or have comments fill out this form: