Guides and How-To’s

There are many aspects of life which we can use a handy guide on how to be a conscious feminist and promote intersectionality in our actions. The following selections are Guides and How To’s  on all and any things interrelated to intersectional, inclusive feminism.

Tirsa Talks: A Brief History Of Black Hair and the Natural Hair Movement

Tirsa is one of our wonderful members. Tirsa makes great youtube videos on feminism and related topics. We hope you’ll enjoy her video on black hair and the natural hair movement!

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Becoming an Active Feminist!

UPDATE (14/9/2020): Please note that the post below is outdated. Preaching to the feminist choir On the discussions on our Facebook page, there is certain topic that regularly resurfaces. Every once in a while people will critique online feminism, and I totally understand why. In our Facebook group, a lot of people post articles, pictures, videos, […]

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The Feminist Club Recommends: Youtubers

The great power of new media is accessibility. Through media like youtube, twitter, and tumblr, you can find like-minded people from all over the world. It’s a wonderful way to connect and an opportunity to educate yourself. In this serie of blogposts, we want to share our favorite channels, tweeps and tumblee (is that a […]

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