The Feminist Club Amsterdam Opinion Pieces

FCA invites members of our community and beyond to write opinion pieces on a variety of different topics interconnected to intersectional feminism that are in-line with our Code of Conduct and our ABC’s.  We constantly are collecting opinion pieces, but give priority to our thematic outline for the coming months, where we contact individuals to write pieces on those specific topics. To learn more about our guidelines for submission, current calls, and themes, as well as other ways to contribute please visit our contributor’s page.

FCA Demand to Easy Access to Abortion Pills Statement

The abortion pill can be taken if you are unwanted pregnant. This pill can be prescribed safely and effectively by the doctor. Nevertheless, with the way abortion is described in the criminal code now, GP’s are afraid to prescripe the pill and it is not available at pharmacies. On 18th of November 2017, the Feminist Club of […]

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Video: Verkrachtingscultuur

  Verkrachtingscultuur// Rape Culture  (**English Translation below) By: Gemma Barendse, met hulp van Joël van Dooren Voor onze eindexamenfilm over seksueel geweld (fictie, meer informatie vind je hier: https://www.facebook.com/EenGoeieJongen/ ) heb ik om het onderwerp zo accuraat en respectvol mogelijk in beeld te brengen, onderzoek gedaan naar zoveel mogelijk aspecten van seksueel geweld. Al snel […]

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Sexism in Jazz: The Women Re-Shaping The Boys Club

Women typically face challenges breaking into male-dominated fields but the female jazz musicians of today are taking a sledgehammer to the boys club of the music industry. The lack of female contribution and old-school sexism within the Jazz community is perplexing. There is no better example of democracy than a Jazz ensemble: individual freedom but […]

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Violence against women: a men’s issue?

  I like to think that pretty much everyone in society is in agreement on this: violence against women, gender-based violence, and violence in general, is bad. So why is something that’s generally agreed to be bad so prevalent? Why does one in three women worldwide still experience physical or sexual violence at some point […]

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LGBT+ and the Elections

This week we published an election advice on our website for the upcoming Dutch national elections. This advice was based on our manifesto and compared 13 political parties on six topics: Reproductive and parental rights Wage gap and (re)evaluation of ‘women’s’ work Freedom of dress Sexual intimidation and violence Racism and discrimination Sex work It was […]

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What should a feminist vote?

The national elections in the Netherlands are drawing closer, in March we will be voting for the House of Representatives (in Dutch: De Tweede Kamer, literally: The Second Chamber). But what should we vote for…? To answer that question, we’ve started a collective effort of formulating voting advice. Using our recently published Manifesto, we’ve made a […]

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