Anti-Racism: w/Sarita Bajnath & Arzu Aslan

Get your ticket here! Synopsis:  we will be delving into anti-racism with two experts: Arzu Aslan and Sarita Bajnath. They will both give a short lecture about their work and experiences. After that we will have the opportunity to delve into the matter further in a moderated discussion. Speakers: Arzu Aslan: Kurdish (cis straight) woman, daughter, […]

Discussion Night: Feminism & Porn/Erotica

Feminist Club Amsterdam Welcomes you to our Second Discussion Night of the Fall Seasons: Feminist Porn and Erotica Moderators: Vanessa and Ayla Tickets: 1. Some of the sources for the preparation of this discussion night debate anti-porn views. We are aware that these are problematic, for instance in perpetuating sex workers’ shaming, and therefore […]