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Visual Media Collection

The Feminist Club Amsterdam is proud to present various selections of visual works (photography, paintings, video) either collected by our team or submitted to us from members who align with our mission and goals and promote intersectional feminism.


To The Wild Ones

To The Wild Ones By: Nasimeh Bahrayni Easton I know it started when you were small 1 2 maybe 3 — the first time you looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of a wild wild thing. There you saw yourself as you really are all soft edges and discovery — all crushed leaves and sweet […]

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I am a free woman poem by Marit van Splunter

Marit wrote this poem in reflection to the current protests and discussion happening around Holland regarding the shrinking space and availability of abortion pills and services. To learn more read here.

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Video: Verkrachtingscultuur

  Verkrachtingscultuur// Rape Culture  (**English Translation below) By: Gemma Barendse, met hulp van Joël van Dooren Voor onze eindexamenfilm over seksueel geweld (fictie, meer informatie vind je hier: ) heb ik om het onderwerp zo accuraat en respectvol mogelijk in beeld te brengen, onderzoek gedaan naar zoveel mogelijk aspecten van seksueel geweld. Al snel […]

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Photographs by Julia Rose

Artist statement: “This selection of photographs/collages particularly reflects on the structures, traditions and representations that police the female body, influencing and restraining our own perception. By contrasting images of my body with additional visual information I aim to form a dialogue between my idea of Self and the structures which contextualize my body and exert […]

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Feminist Artwork by Elisabeth Schön

Elisabeth Schön usually makes work centered around the theme of the marginalization of motherhood but since the US elections her work has become very political. Elisabeth works with photography, media images, collage, and embroidery and tends to combine those elements. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram. (you can click the images to see […]

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PIEMELPRAAT (FCA youtube response)

Lactacyd, a brand of “female hygiene” products, published a new video which – supposedly- was meant as an advert. It was terrible, shitty on all accounts. The video basically was four guys sitting at a table, body shaming women. Talking harshly about how they would never go down on an unshaven or unwashed pussy. News […]

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