If you love reading or/and annoy your friends with talking about feminism this book club is for you.

Through reading and discussion we want to explore feminist texts that critically and reflectively engage with our worlds as they are, and open up our imaginations to the worlds that could be.

This group is for anyone who is interested in learning and discussing feminist texts with others, and anyone who has an eye on changing the status quo.

We plan to meet each month for a couple of hours, and during each session we will discuss a different text. Everyone who participates can suggest and decide on the texts that we will read in future sessions.

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Our previous reads:

  1. “Feminism, Interrupted” Lola Olufemi  (24.09.2020)
  2. “Hood Feminism” Mikki Kendall (29.10.2020)
  3. “Sister outsider” Audre Lorde (10.12.2020)
  4. “Delusions of gender” Cordelia Fine (21.01.2021)
  5. “The Will to Change” bell hooks (04.03.2021)
  6. “The Power” Naomi Alderman (15.04.2021)
  7. “Whipping Girl” Julia Serano (20.05.2021)
  8. “Ecofeminism” Maria Mies, Vandana Shiva (08.07.2021)
  9. “Are prisons obsolete?” Angela Davis (28.10.2021)
  10. “We Do This ‘Til We Free Us ” Mariame Kaba (25.11.2021)
  11. “I who have never known men”  Jacqueline Harpman (02.02.2022)
  12. “The Politics of Morality: The Church, the State, and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland”  by Joanna Mishtal (09.03.2022)
  13. “Living a Feminist Life” by Sara Ahmed (12.04.2022)

Our future reads:

  1. “The Sexual Politics of Meat” by Carol J. Adams (17.05.2022)

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