Write for us!

The Feminist Club Amsterdam is always looking for critical, thought-provoking publications and sharp writers.

The FCA website is a platform that amplifies fresh and critical voices by means of publications that center on intersectional feminism rooted in Amsterdam. As a platform, we aim to stimulate and start discussions, inciting thought and reflection on particular issues, events, writings, and incidents. We open up space wherein different opinions can be voiced and enable a platform that publishes multiple perspectives on similar and wide-ranging issues.

In order to achieve such a platform, we invite YOU to write for us. You can submit one or more works or inquire about becoming a part of the FCA content team by sending an email to fcacontentteam@gmail.com.

Submission guidelines

We accept any works – regardless of format or genre – as long as they comply with the following guidelines:

  • Your article should abide by the FCA Code of Conduct;
  • Your article should be related to intersectional feminism, not necessarily within Amsterdam and/or the Netherlands;
  • Your article should ideally be submitted in English, but we also accept submissions in Dutch (special exception made in some cases depending on editors’ language capability);
  • The contributions must be authored by you and you must have explicit rights to letting us publish it. We do not reserve exclusive rights to articles sent to us;
  • Your article should be a .doc or .docx file;

Submitting your work

Please submit your piece (.doc/.docx file, except for visuals which may be in any appropriate format) to us at fcacontentteam@gmail.com. Please let us know if you want us to publish your work anonymously or under your name/alias. We will proofread your work and contact you to let you know if we have any suggestions and if/when we will publish your work. Feel free to write if you have any questions too.

Joining the FCA content team

We are always looking for people who want to join our content team, as writer, editor or graphic designer or illustrator. If you become a writer, you are free to write about whatever you want, whenever you want (as long as their works comply with the guidelines stated above). As an editor, you will proofread other people’s submission. Lastly, we are looking for graphic designers and illustrators who can help us make graphics that accompany submitted articles. If any of these roles sound interesting to you, do not hesitate to send an email to fcacontentteam@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself and the tasks you would like to help with.