We are a community born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, established on the following principles:

it is not feminism if it is not intersectional

the ideal world is diverse, plural, and knows no borders

black lives matter

we fight for a queer liberation that includes the autonomy of transgender and genderqueer people

yes means yes (and no means no)

we are pro-choice and fight for bodily autonomy, especially for those whose bodies fall victim to policing and medical oppression

sex work is work, thus we support sex workers and believe in decriminalization of their labour

we support anti-imperial and anti-capitalist efforts and believe that these fights cannot be separated from each other

we believe in environmental justice and uplifting voices of those disproportionately affected by climate change

we strive towards being an inclusive and safe space with decentralized power structures

we respect each other and each others’ choices

we speak out against injustice

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