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The Feminist Club Amsterdam often receives questions on what to do and where to go in case of gender-based discrimination, violence, or other situations. For this reason, we have compiled a list of (Dutch) organizations or other useful websites that might be able to help with services such as legal and emotional assistance. Any contributions are more than welcome.

Disclaimer/note: if you think a website is missing, please let us know so we can add it. Any feedback can be directed at The links will be added to the website in the future.

Resources for sexual abuse or violence

  • Slachtofferwijzer (Dutch):
    A website to find different organizations that can offer assistance in various matters.
    For: Violence, sexual violence, (traffic) accidents, missing persons, theft.
  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Dutch):
    They offer legal, practical and emotional support and have locations across the country. Their services are free, and you can make an appointment at one of their offices where they inform you in more detail about the support they can offer.
    For: Sexual violence, violence, accidents, domestic abuse, missing persons, theft.
  • Sexual assault center (Dutch and English):
    The central go-to point in case of any form of sexual violence. They offer a 24/7 hotline for victims for sexual violence and are often found in hospitals as well. You can always contact them, no matter how long ago it happened. They assign you a case manager who specializes in sexual violence and offers other assistance. They will explain you the options you have, for example for pressing charges or storing DNA evidence. In the hospital, they provide medical care and also assist you if you want to leave a statement for the police.
    For: Sexual violence
  • CARE Amsterdam (English):
    CARE is an initiative that provides support and safer spaces for victims/survivors of sexual violence. In their support groups, they are offering a safer space for people who are survivors of sexual violence. There, the participants share their experiences, learn from each other’s coping mechanisms and build a community with other survivors. Currently (in February 2023) Care has three support groups that are open for new participants: a support group for students of UvA, a support group for victims/ survivors of sexual assault operating in Amsterdam privately, and another support group for victims/ survivors of sexual assault operating in Utrecht privately. If you are interested in joining any of the groups you can send an email at, or contact the Anesteia or Ángela (the founders and psychologists of Care) directly through their websites: for Care Amsterdam, for Care Utrecht. You can find more information about the psychologists behind Care in this article.
    For: Sexual violence, mental health
  • WizCase’s Women’s guide to cyber safety (English): an elaborate list of instructions to help people who are more vulnerable to online harrassment protect themselves. Includes tips about staying safe on social media platforms, safely sharing photos, preventing hacking and doxxing (when your personal information gets publicly shared without your knowledge and/or consent) and more.
    For: Online harrassment and sexual violence


  • Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (Dutch and English):
    Platform to report discrimination against yourself or discrimination that you have witnessed against someone else. They will establish contact with you and set up preliminary meetings. Possible outcomes are investigations into the matter and filing a criminal complaint.
    For: Unspecified counts of discrimination
  • College voor rechten van de mens (Dutch and English):
    The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights is a human rights organization, through which you can file a discrimination complaint. They also offer education on human rights and discrimination. While they offer information and contact details in English, the actual filing of the complaint is done in Dutch.
    For: Unspecified counts of discrimination
  • Roze in blauw (Dutch):
    Police network for the LGBTQI+ community. Primarily in Dutch, the only available translation tool is Google Translate. Contact information for their units across the country available. They started this department specially to make it easier for LGBTQ people to take the step to notify the police of discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people. It’s possible to contact them directly and they can also offer meditation in cases.
    For: LGBTQI+ community, discrimination, violence
  • Meldpunt Islamofobie (Dutch):
    The collective against islamophobia and discrimination set up a registration point to monitor and register the cases of islamophobia and discrimination in the Netherlands. They have an online form and phone line. They offer legal assistance and support for victims of islamophobia. Their website is in Dutch, the only translation tool available is Google Translate.
    For: Muslims, discrimination, Islamophobia
  • Control alt delete (Dutch and English):
    An organisation against ethnic profiling. They created an application to register cases of ethnic profiling, organize meetings, critical films and workshops. These workshops can be booked for places such as schools and youth organisations.
    For: Ethnic profiling
  • LGBT Asylum Support (Dutch and English):
    Organization that provides support for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers. Its online platform allows for complaints of discrimination to be filed.
    For: Asylum seekers, LGBTQI+ community

Activist and community groups

  • COC Netherlands (Dutch and English):
    LGBTQI+ network. “The COC is active in many areas, with an emphasis on young & school, 50plus, (political) advocacy, safety, culture & religion and international advocacy. COC Nederland is a federation of regional member associations; so there is always a COC near you.”
    For: LGBTQI+ community
  • Switchboard (Dutch and English):
    “Switchboard is the information and support service for the lesbian, gay, bi and transgender community in the Netherlands. We provide a listening ear, comforting words, information on coming out, sexual identity, gender identity, LGBT cultural, social and sport clubs and events and service providers as lawyers, doctors, therapists.”
    For: LGBTQI+ community
  • Stichting Maruf (Dutch):
    Maruf is an organization for queer Muslims, they are backed by the ministry of education and CoC Nederland and are a part of the European queer Muslim network. They offer different programmes that include support for queer refugees, lectures, activities and a queer Muslim empowerment programme.
    For: Queer Muslims
  • LGBT Asylum Support (Dutch and English):
    Organization that provides support for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers. Its online platform allows for complaints of discrimination to be filed.
    For: Asylum seekers, LGBTQI+ community
  • Platform Gehandicapten Zuidoost (Dutch):
    A platform (partly) run by and for people with disabilities. They fight for better accessibility, medical care and better treatment in society.
    For: People with disabilities
  • Mama Cash (multilingual, Dutch and English):
    Activist group which focuses on intersectional feminism, and who mainly support women, girls, and trans and intersex people. They give out grands and funding to other groups and organizations who follow similar goals.
    For: Grants, intersectional feminism

Mental Health

  • MiND (Dutch):
    Organization involved in the promotion of mental health. They give out information, advice and support, online, by telephone, and they are not limited to one particular region.
    For: Mental health

Specifically English resources

  • Angloinfo Amsterdam
    Offers a list of English-speaking support groups (mostly in Amsterdam) for various issues.
    For: Drug and Alcohol Abuse, HIV/Aids, Cancer Support, Victim Support, Family Support, Family Planning and Sexual Health, Mental Health, Women’s Support Groups
  • Legal resources
    Offers an English list of discrimination lawyers and law firms within Amsterdam. The website has a search field with which lawyers with different specialties can also be found.
    For: Legal advice