Nexus of Feminism and Sustainability Clothing Exchange and Discussion

We at FCA believe that sustainability and conscious consumerism is one of the ways which you can practice feminism. So we’re throwing a clothing exchange (during the expensive holiday consumer season) to gather and exchange clothes, ideas (The discussion will be on the nexus of feminism, consumer culture and sustainability see reading list below), and […]

Anti-Racism: w/Sarita Bajnath & Arzu Aslan

Get your ticket here! Synopsis:  we will be delving into anti-racism with two experts: Arzu Aslan and Sarita Bajnath. They will both give a short lecture about their work and experiences. After that we will have the opportunity to delve into the matter further in a moderated discussion. Speakers: Arzu Aslan: Kurdish (cis straight) woman, daughter, […]