Whipping Girl by Julia Serano

Whipping Girl was first published in 2007 by Seal Press and at that time it was Serano’s first full length book. Serano describes the book as “a collection of personal essays that debunk many of the myths and misconceptions that people have about trans women, as well as the subject in general”. In 2016, Serano […]

The will to change by bell hooks

We all know that patriarchy is bad not only for women and nonbinary people but also for men. That’s why in our next meeting, on March 4th, we will discuss the book ‘The Will to Change’ by feminist legend bell hooks. “With the courage, honesty, and compassion that have made her one of America’s most […]

Sister outsider: Essays and speeches by Audre Lorde

Sister outsider is widely regarded as a classic of intersectional feminist work, one that brings together Lorde’s most influential essays and speeches, authored between the years of 1976 and 1984. It will be wonderful to dig into this collection together. Once again we’ll be online, and start at 19. You can sign up to the […]

Hood feminism: Notes from the women that a movement forgot by Mikki Kendall

In this collection of essays Kendall makes a powerful critique of today’s feminism and points to the ways in which we can do better It’s another recent publication, and in many ways a nice one to read after Feminism, interrupted last time We’ll meet on the 29th October, online again, from 7 onwards If you […]

Feminism, interrupted: Disrupting power by Lola Olufemi

During this session we will be reading the critically acclaimed ‘Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power’ by Lola Olufemi. It’s very up to date (published in March 2020), and short (only 160 pages). In it Olufemi presents a condensed study of feminist politics today and as such we think it’s a perfect restart to our book club. […]