Let’s celebrate all those who fight for justice Ingrid Escamilla’s body was found lifeless spread around the streets of Mexico City in February of this year, the man she lived with, had stabbed her, skinned her and removed her organs. Days later the seven-years-old Fátima Cecilia was taken from the school gates, sexually abused and […]

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I am a free woman poem by Marit van Splunter

Marit wrote this poem in reflection to the current protests and discussion happening around Holland regarding the shrinking space and availability of abortion pills and services. To learn more read here.

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FCA Demand to Easy Access to Abortion Pills Statement

The abortion pill can be taken if you are unwanted pregnant. This pill can be prescribed safely and effectively by the doctor. Nevertheless, with the way abortion is described in the criminal code now, GP’s are afraid to prescripe the pill and it is not available at pharmacies. On 18th of November 2017, the Feminist Club of […]

Nexus of Feminism and Sustainability Clothing Exchange and Discussion

We at FCA believe that sustainability and conscious consumerism is one of the ways which you can practice feminism. So we’re throwing a clothing exchange (during the expensive holiday consumer season) to gather and exchange clothes, ideas (The discussion will be on the nexus of feminism, consumer culture and sustainability see reading list below), and […]

Tropenmuseum: Body Politics – Talks / Discussions / Performances

Note: Originally this event was planned on the 14th of september. Due to changes in the availablity of our key-speakers we have decided to postpone this event, the new date is now set on the 10th of november. Thanks a lot for your understanding. \\ ABOUT BODY POLITICS Tropenmuseum & RCMC invite a multitude of […]

Dating as a feminist/FCA discussion night

Dating as a feminist 8 november Ever thought you met a really nice guy only to have him call you a bitch later when he disagreed with you? Or a self-proclaimed feminist who uses faux-feminism to woe you? Or perhaps you identify as non-binary and feel frustrated about the binary way of thinking in dating […]