What we do

The Feminist Club Amsterdam does a lot of things that you can be a part of. Here we would like to explain all the ways in which the Feminist Club is active. If you want to keep updated on our events you can like our page on Facebook. We also list our future and past events on our website.

Facebook Group
We have a big facebook group where all members are able to post interesting articles, discussion points, videos, events, etc. You are very welcome to join the online discussion! This way we also stay connected with feminists who are not in the Amsterdam area. Please read our description carefully before joining. You are required to answer the admission questions, before we accept your request to join.

Discussion Nights
Every once in a while the Feminist Club organizes discussion nights with a specific theme. In the past we have had discussion nights on issues like abortion, sex work, and ethics. The theme is announced beforehand. Sometimes 1 to 3 sources will be provided with this announcement. These sources can be art work, academic texts, videos, blogs etc. We kindly ask you to read/watch at least one of these sources beforehand as a basis for the discussion.

The discussion nights can be organized by all members. If you feel like a certain topic should be discussed, please contact us! We will gladly help you with the practical things (finding the location, putting up the event online). We really want the whole community to be able to contribute to these nights by providing sources and coming up with topics.

Discussion nights usually last between 2 and 3 hours. There is no specific format for how to organize a discussion night. Some of our previous discussion nights have consisted of a presentation followed by a discussion, while others have been primarily discussion. The goals of a discussion night can vary as well. The aim can be to give room for people to share their views and experiences, it can be educational or it can be more activism oriented. If you want to propose a topic for a discussion night feel free to contact us and we can discuss how to do it. Also if you have questions about organizing a discussion night, you can contact us at info@thefeministclub.nl

The idea of the reading group is to delve into some amazing feminist literature together, meeting every month. We want to choose our upcoming reads from suggestions that you make, and each month we’ll have a vote to decide what we’ll read next.

If you want to be part of this group, you can sign up through our book club pages on Facebook or Meetup.

The Feminist Amsterdam has collaborated at several occasions with other feminist/activist organisations. If you are interested in working with us on a certain project, please contact us at info@thefeministclub.nl and we can discuss what is possible.