General News

What‌ ‌happened‌ ‌in‌ September‌ 2021?‌


  • Abortion has been decriminalised after that the Mexican Supreme Court declared it hybride punishment for abortions unconstitutional. 
  • The statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City will be replaced by one of an indigeneous woman because the mayor Claudia Sheinbaum says that she doesn’t want to forget the history around Christopher Columbus but that she wants to honour indigineous people.

Afghanistan: In Kabul, women protested for their rights after the women’s affair ministry was closed by the Taliban government. Women have been repressed violently by the authorities.


  • Biden government files lawsuit against Texas over anti-abortion law. The Texan law was declared unconstitutional by Biden’s government. However, the law took effect as the Supreme court did not manage to stop it. According to thix law, abortion is condemnable after the 6th week lf pregnancy and ig allows to pursue znyone involved in abortion after these terms.
  • “Womanikin” is the new mannequin with breast to enable people to train heart massage on a different body. Indeed, women in statistics are not as well taken in charge when they have a heart attack because everyone is trained on a body without breasts.

South Korea: Feminist protests occur often, especially, a feminicide raised the attention recently. However, young masculinist groups stand against feminists. These groups of young men claim that feminism is not about gender equality anymore but discrimination. They agree that older women suffer from gender inequalities but young women don’t. They are led by an influential young man called Park who’s giving speeches and interviews about his movement. According to a poll, the number of young men standing against feminism is higher than older generations.

Kenya: the private taxi service reserved for women for their safety is more expensive than normal. The company Bolt offered this option of selecting female drivers for women to be safer while ordering a taxi. However, they are very often more expensive. Women raised their anger on social media and called this the “Pink tax”. 

Morocco: for the first time, 3 women are the head of big cities. Asmaa Rallo governing Rabat, Nabila Rmeili is the mayor of Casablanca and Fatima Zahra Mansouri at the head of Marrakesh. This never happened before in the Moroccan kingdom. 

London Fashion Week: a collection for women in wheelchairs. Faduma Farah founded Faduma’s Fellowship to create fashion adapted to people in wheelchairs so that they don’t need to choose between comfort and fashion. For the first, her collection was seen at the London Fashion Week!