What‌ ‌happened‌ ‌in‌ November 2021?‌ ‌

Beach handball: the bikini will no longer be mandatory for women players. In the last months, there have been a lot of discussions around the sexualisation of women in sports because of the very unequal clothes rules that can be found in the beach handball regulations for instance.

DRC: Women have to raise funds to get rape suspects to court due to a lack of money from prosecutors. The trial of 10 men suspected of rape in women prison has been postponed due to a lack of funds to transport them from their prisons to court. Thus, some women raised enough money for the court to do their work. This gang raped happened a year ago and some victims served their sentence but some of them are still 

Poland: huge protests after the death of a woman who got her abortion refused by doctors even if her life was in danger. She is considered the first known victim of these new abortion laws in Poland. Therefore, polish people went to the streets to ask for their abortion rights. 

France: 285 female politicians and academics published an opinion column and launched political #MeeToo to raise awareness about sexist and gender-based violence within their professional environment as well as in their everyday life. They are asking for politicians to discuss the subject.

Spain: MAP becomes free again for lesbian, transgender and single women. This law was suppressed in 2014 when right-wing parties were governing but it was recently reinstalled. 

China: Peng Shuai, an international known tennis player, published a post accusing a former politician of sexual assault. The post has been deleted in the same hour of publication. Later on, other posts have been deleted from her account and the Chinese government didn’t want to express anything about the case. The UN asked for proof of the case and a real investigation of the case from China. 

Argentina: An Argentinian woman became the second documented person to be cured of HIV. Therefore, scientists are studying her genes and immune system to understand how she got cured. 

Iran: New restrictions on abortion, contraception and self-sterilisation which violates women’s rights, and access to health. This is also very bad news for women victims of sexual violence in a country where it is already a big taboo, they won’t be able to get an abortion. 

Jessica Watkins: she will become the first Black woman to join the International Space Station next year in April. 

Afghanistan: The Taliban banned the shows with women actors and women journalists must wear Islamic hijab while presenting. 

Sweden: Magdalena Andersson is the first woman to be the Swedish prime minister.

Tanzania: The Tanzanian government removed a ban on young mothers to pursue their education but they are still not allowed to follow the classes while they are pregnant because it would disturb the other students according to officials.