What‌ ‌happened‌ ‌in‌ December 2021?‌ ‌

Poland: The government is planning to install a registration of the pregnancies in the country supposedly to report the number of miscarriages but in reality, it is a big threat to women’s rights because it will enable them to target clandestine abortions. It is a major issue because if clandestine abortions are already very dangerous for people’s health, this database registration will make it even harder and more precarious.

Botswana: The decriminalisation of homosexuality gave a lot of joy and hope to the LGBTQ+ activists of the country. The law dated from 2019 against homosexual relationships has been declared unconstitutional. It is a big step for people in same-gender relationships because they were risking up to 7 years of imprisonment before. 

France: The Senate voted in favour of the bill banning “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ+ people. The people claiming to “treat” homosexuality will risk up to “ years of prison and 45,000 fines. 

France: Simon is developing a capsule able to detect GHB and other drugs of synthesis after two of his close friends got drugs in bars. He hopes that it will be available in a year and a half more or less. 

West Side Story: The new version of the famous Broadway musical, directed by Steven Spielberg, has been banned in Gulf countries because of the scenes showing LGBTQ+ people. It was not released because Disney refused to cut the scene showing them as requested by most of the Gulf countries. 

Afghanistan: Some girls schools have been reopened with the efforts of teachers and parents in Ghor province. After the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the schools for girls closed. Principals and parents had to argue for weeks to seek a compromise allowing young girls from 7 to 12 to go back to school.

Georgia: A new company of women taxi drivers for women, called TaxiWomen, has been implemented to offer a safe driving service for Georgian women. 

Ivory Coast: Disable models parade at a fashion show to break the taboos about disability. The goal is to raise awareness about the marginalisation and stigmatisation of disabled women in the Ivory Coast. 

Peru: Alberto Fujimori, ex-president of Peru in the 90s, has been judged for the forced sterilisation of thousands of women. He was already condemned to 25 years in prison for corruption and human rights violations. He is now hospitalized under high surveillance for heart problems.