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PIEMELPRAAT (FCA youtube response)

Lactacyd, a brand of “female hygiene” products, published a new video which – supposedly- was meant as an advert. It was terrible, shitty on all accounts. The video basically was four guys sitting at a table, body shaming women. Talking harshly about how they would never go down on an unshaven or unwashed pussy.

News for heterosexual men: vulva’s and vagina’s are NOT made for your pleasure, how vulva-owners treat their body is entirely up to them. Moreover, Lactacyd is a completely redundant product that can do a lot of harm to the skin. There is no reason to wash with anything other than water. Telling people that they should wash their genitals with soap because they might otherwise not get laid, is a disgusting business strategy.

I am very happy to say that within our group a couple of members initiated a video response, which has been published yesterday. Check it out here!


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