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Feminist Artwork by Elisabeth Schön

Elisabeth Schön usually makes work centered around the theme of the marginalization of motherhood but since the US elections her work has become very political. Elisabeth works with photography, media images, collage, and embroidery and tends to combine those elements. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram.

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Why the Cages Eggs Sings, by Elisabeth Schön

These first three pieces come from an series on the growing number of anti-women policies made by Trump and his cronies, who are all white middle-aged wealthy heterosexual men. The series is called Why the Caged Eggs Sing.

Why the Caged Eggs Sing, by Elisabeth Schön
Why the Caged Eggs Sing, by Elisabeth Schön

This is the most recent piece in the series, made after a new health bill was passed last Thursday. This bill considers rape, pregnancy and other reproductive health issues pre-existing conditions.

Anti-Feminist Décollage, by Elisabeth Schön
Patriotic Tile, by Elisabeth Schön

This tile was used by Elisabeth as a protest sign during the Women’s March. It was inspired by another serie the artist has been working on, which is series of patriotic tiles in response to Geert Wilders and the Dutch elections that took place in March of this year.

Free Speech, by Elisabeth Schön

This last piece is in response to the reaction GeenStijl had to the 143 women requesting advertisers to reconsider advertising on the website.

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