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FCA Demand to Easy Access to Abortion Pills Statement

The abortion pill can be taken if you are unwanted pregnant. This pill can be prescribed safely and effectively by the doctor. Nevertheless, with the way abortion is described in the criminal code now, GP’s are afraid to prescripe the pill and it is not available at pharmacies.

Nuria Zantman delivering a statement on behalf of at the Feminist Club Amsterdam Protest for Access to abortion Pills (circa: November 2017- photography by: Sam ten thij)

On 18th of November 2017, the Feminist Club of Amsterdam along with De Goede Zaak, Clara Whichmann foundation and Women on Waves and  the support of many other  organisations hosted a demonstration in Amsterdam. Many concerned feminist and citizens marched on the streets to protest the lack of access to abortion and sexual reproduction.  Currently, in the Netherlands,  an abortion pill or procedure can only be provided by a specialized facility often located in the major cities and often with long waiting lists due to high levels of need (to learn more check out clara-wichmann Fpundations FAQs  it doesn’t make it easier that CASA, responsible for half of the abortions in The Netherlands closed its doors because of fraud, making it even more difficult to find a location for an abortion. Unlike many other countries, abortion pills are not available with your general practitioner (GP), making abortions socio-economically and geographically blocked. As long as the abortion pill falls under criminal law:

– Is it unclear whether the doctor can legally provide the abortion pill;
– People have to go to anonymous clinics with huge queues or pay their ‘eigen risico(380 euro’s)’ when going to a hospital;
– Especially vulnerable groups who need the doctor as confidential counselor are the victims;
– Stopping a pregnancy is inaccessible and unnecessarily emotionally burdensome.

We say: providing the abortion pill should no longer be punishable but should be easily available through the doctor, also outside of a complicated system of permits and special clinics. In order to achieve this we have to get the abortion pill from the Criminal Code.

Below is FCA member Nuria Zantman  speech on behalf of the Feminist Club at the protest:

“Dear protestors,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone on behalf of The Feminist Club(FCA) for letting your voice be heard on this important topic. We are standing here today because there are still many pregnant people for who access to abortion is difficult or impossible. We are here because our politicians have decided in their small tower room that abortion is not important enough to discuss. We are here because, in 2017, parties are still taking away peoples right to self-determination.

There should be more accessible to the abortion pill and it should be made available to more health professionals. Vulnerable groups are now most likely to experience a lack of access. For example young girls who may be checked by their family or partner, For them it’s not as easy to visit an abortion clinic in another city, it is, however, easier to visit the General Practitioner(GP), for refugees, undocumented people or people from outside the EU. They do not have the option to go to a clinic for free. So often they can not pay for an abortion. Not to mention that the clinics are mostly located in the big cities. Pregnant people living in the countryside may have to travel for hours in order to get to a clinic.

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Abortion Access To All– November 2017 -Sam ten thij



Self-determination is a fundamental human right. Everyone has a right to practice it no matter age, gender, religion, ethnic background, nationality, place of residence or handicap. By making the abortion pill available at the GP and pharmacy we will make it available to everyone. By making it available at the GP and pharmacy everyone will have access to self-determination.




Second, it will be easier to have a dialogue about the pill. The GP is a familiar and trusted environment for many, making it easier to discuss the different option for pregnant people.

This is not about everyone having to go to the GP for an abortion, it’s about giving pregnant people a choice. Every individual has the choice to get an abortion or not. To perform it in a clinic, hospital or GP. Politicians need to stop bothering others with their religious motivations. Should politicians make decisions about our bodies? No.When health professional federations and women organizations declare that the abortion pill should be available at the GP, politicians should listen. Pregnant people should not be protected from themselves by the parliament. Politicians have the duty of giving people with unwanted pregnancies multiple and safe options for abortion treatment.’ 

-Nuria Zantman, FCA Organizing Member


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