What happened in December 2020?

  • France: Since 20 years, there is a law about parity but still less than 20% of the French Mayors are women. Moreover, the city of Paris has to pay 90 000 euros fine because there are too many women appointed to management positions at the Parisian city hall. 
  • Switzerland: Same-sex marriage law was accepted by the parliament. Switzerland is one of the last countries of Europe which does not provide access to marriage to gay couples. The country also declared homophobia illegal. 
  • The United Nations Secretary-General was called upon to amend the French “Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme” instead of “Homme” to “Humain”. In English, “Homme” means man and “Humain” means human. There is a denunciation of the sexist use of man to designate the entire population.
  • There will be an official women’s Tour de France in 2020.
  • The first woman will walk on the moon in 2024. A team of 18 astronauts is training to go to the moon in 2024 and 9 astronauts are women. Moreover, for the mission to the moon, only some of them will be selected.
  • Stacey Cunningham is the first woman to manage the New York stock exchange in 226-year history. She started at the age of 19 years old as an intern. This is big progress for the business world where women are underrepresented in leadership positions. 
  • Abortions became free and legal in Argentina. It will be possible to abort till the 14th week of pregnancy. This is the success of activists who campaigned for years to obtain the right to abort. The possibility to abort was very limited to special cases which caused a lot of accidents due to illegal and unsafe abortions. 
  • The next Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be gender equal for the first time in history. The organisation of the Olympic Games declared that there will be quotas to make sure to have gender equality at the Olympic Games.
  • In Taiwan, the first two gay marriages within the army. Two lesbian couples took part in a mass military wedding for the first time. This is an example of open-mindedness and inclusivity from Taiwan’s army. Also, these couples hope to inspire others to celebrate their love as well regardless of their sexual preferences. However, gay marriage encounters some restrictions in comparison to heterosexual couples. For instance, they can only adopt each other’s biological children.

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