What happened in June 2021?

June is pride month: check the article on pride to learn more about it.

USA: Biden will increase the number of Afro-American women judges in the federal courts of appeal. Currently, only four of these judges are Afro-American women which is 2 % of the judges whereas Afro-American women represent 7% of the US citizens.

Bangladesh: companies hiring transpeople get a tax reduction to fight the discrimination against transpeople at work. 

19 June: International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflicts. 

Puntland (Somalia): A bill criminalising female genital mutilation has been approved.

Iran: Shahrzad Nazifi is condemned to 8 years of prison for actions against religion and running illegal organisations against the country. She is a motocross champion and pioneer of Iranian female motocross. 

Canada: A bill banning the LGBTQ+ conversion therapies has been adopted by the parliament. 

EU: The european parliament declared that abortion is a human right, with the aim that abortion becomes more easily accessible in all EU countries.

Kim Gaucher (Canadian basketball player): She was refused to participate in the Olympic Games as a basketball player because she would be breastfeeding her daughter during the competitions. She had to choose between the competition and taking care of her daughter. She was finally allowed to participate while breastfeeding.