What happened in June 2022?


  • the American Supreme Court has repealed the national legalisation of abortion rights. Every state can decide for itself whether it keeps abortion legal and, if so, under what conditions. The Supreme Court’s decision was met with nationwide demonstrations.
  • final sentences were given in several high-profile cases of sexual assault. After 25 years of allegations, singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison because he sexually abused and trafficked multiple people, among which minors. There are still other active cases against him.
  • Actor Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexually abusing a minor in 1975. Last year, a judge reversed Cosby’s 10-year prison sentence.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years of prison for conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse minors.

Norway: a fundamentalist shooter killed two people and injured 21 others at a gay nightclub in Oslo. The Pride events that were planned for the weekend after the shooting was canceled.

The Netherlands: the Dutch government is planning to remove a major barrier to getting an abortion. Once the bill has passed the First Chamber, people seeking abortions are no longer required to wait five days before getting the procedure done.

European Union: corporations operating in the EU are mandated to have corporate boards that are composed of at least 40% of women. Of the 27 member states, only France exceeds this quota.

China: a nationwide discussion about violence against women was reignited after a shocking video went viral in which female guests in a restaurant were brutalised by a group of men. Videos and pictures of the fight show that the women were heavily injured and that police were slow to help them.

International: the upcoming Olympic Games in Milan will allow women to compete in more sports than in previous editions, leaving only one sport closed for female athletes. The 2026 edition will also have almost equal participation of men and women.

United Arab Emirates: Amazon has agreed to delete queer-related search results on their website for users in the United Arab Emirates.

Turkey: Turkish police intimidated and arrested 150 protestors during a Pride parade in Istanbul.

Japan: a new law makes it possible for actors in porn movies to repeal their consent for the distribution of movies in which they are featured. Many actors, especially women, are forced to act in these movies without their consent.

Congo: while visiting Congo, the Belgian king said he regretted the way Belgium ruled the former colony, but he did not officially apologise on behalf of the country.

Saudi Arabia: the Saudi government has seized toys with rainbow prints for “promoting homosexuality”.  

Egypt and Jordan: Two femicides for refusing marriage proposals have raised attention on social media. Naira Ashraf got stabbed by Mohamed Adel for rejecting his proposal offers. Three days later the same situation happened in Jordan, where Iman Rasheed was shot by the man she rejected. He killed himself after the act. These events alarmed about the Gender-based violence in these two countries. A lot of debates appeared on social media. In Egypt, some people were putting the fault on the woman who was not wearing the hijab. It raised a lot of anger on the side of the feminists, especially when 3 days later Iman, who was wearing a hijab, died for the same reason.

Thaïland: The parliament approved the legalisation of same-gender marriage.

Katya Echazarreta is the first Mexican-born and the youngest American woman to travel to space.

Greece: LGBTQ+ conversion therapies are now banned by the Greek government.

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