Meet Care: support groups for victim/survivors of sexual assault

Care is an initiative that provides support and safer spaces for victims/survivors of sexual violence.

In their support groups, they are offering a safer space for people who are survivors of sexual violence. There, the participants share their experiences, learn from each other’s coping mechanisms and build a community with other survivors. 

Currently Care has three support groups that are open for new participants:

  • a support group for students of UvA
  • a support group for victims/survivors of SA operating in Amsterdam privately
  • a support group for victims/survivors of SA operating in Utrecht privately

Meet the psychologists behind Care

The Care support groups are run by two licensed therapists: Anesteia Tsagkalidou and Ángela Cáceres.

Anesteia Tsagkalidou (she/her), is a therapist working in her private practice with individual and in group therapy. She is also the co-founder, and one of the head therapists of Care, which offers support groups for victims/survivors of sexual violence in Amsterdam and in Utrecht. 

She was born and raised in Greece, and has been living in the Netherlands since 2017. She has a background in clinical psychology and gender studies and works with Gestalt therapy. In her therapeutic practice she works with raising awareness to body, to our emotional and physical sensations, as well as their connection with our environment, our political and social position and our past.

Ángela Cáceres is a psychologist (she/her) who specializes in gender and is an expert in Contextual Therapies. Besides, she is currently doing a master’s in sexology. Originally Spanish, she has been living in the Netherlands for 9 years. She founded ‘The Safo Space’ four years ago from where she works with individuals and groups. This project aims to bring together psychology and a gender perspective, departing from an intersectional approach to mental health. So far, she has been participating in talks and workshops around these topics and she is co-founder of Care, a project which organizes support groups focused on victims/survivors of sexual violence, mental health care and community.

She truly believes in a more diverse approach to psychology, returning to the sphere of collective and mutual care. Her efforts are directed to depathologize our identities and to create new discourses that recognize our mental health not just as an individual matter but a socio-political issue.

Joining a Care support group

If you are interested in joining any of the groups you can :

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