Why do we still need feminism?

Written by anonymous. Please be aware that this poem contains mentions of sexual assault and rape.

Because I saw an exhibitionist when I was 6

Because someone tried to attract me into the woods when I was 8

Because I started getting catcalled when I was 12

Because I had to stab someone’s leg not to get raped at 14

Because my friend raped me at 15 

Because someone masturbated looking at me at 16, 18 and 20

Because “boys will be boys” 

Because I heard a woman screaming and I saw people doing their best to ignore it 

Because I have to fight men catcalling other girls in the street 

Because it has always been normal for boys to be violent 

Because men disrespect me and my body 

Because I felt forced to have sex with them 

Because they have forced me to have sex with them 

Because I always lower my music when I pass by a group of men 

Because my friend had to give me pepper spray to make sure I would get home safe 

Because I cannot walk at night and feel safe 

Because I know how to use my deodorant, keys, and lighter as weapons 

I am a white European middle-class woman. I am privileged. I lived in the most advanced countries regarding women’s right and equality. 

Because all of this I cannot imagine what my trans, coloured, sisters feel. 

Because all the women in the world feel unsafe

Because all of this, feminism is still needed and will always be.

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