By Jessica Lentz

Slouching, her flesh dangerously spilling

  from her lacey corset, she erupts

  like a volcano

  into a fit of laughter.

  Unforgiving, her head tilted back,

  she draws people’s attention

  calling forth irritation, but also


  as if each gurgling exhale

  carried with it the risk

  of hot burning fire balls

  being hurled at them

  in the form of spittle or a raging comment.

  To some, her presence fills the room

  like thick dark clouds

  suffocating them – 

  but there is beauty in the way

  she burns and burns

  like the only real fire you’ve ever seen.

  After the eruption, ashes descend

  almost like snowflakes, sparkling

  all around her.


  she rises from the ground, stretching

  into space,

  the entirety of Creation


  in the sound of her laughter.

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