on following a cow through amsterdam

night-sky-colored eyes encircled 

by stalks of dancing eyelashes 

she stares at passersby in the street

speaking a language without words

herd of willing humans at her hooves

she leads us in silence prancing 

past admiration and disapproval alike 

explaining how animals are individuals too

and how the earth is queer as hell 

did you know that becoming female

is the highest form of existence for clownfish 

she asks before taking us to the grocery store

and screaming at the top of her lungs at

the aisle displaying her dead kin

she ends our walk with a song so sweet 

an outpouring of love and rage so thick

that we can feel the big bang she longs for

the making over of our planet

like asteroids colliding in the marrow of our bones

daring us to re-constellate the world as we know it

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