The binary balance?

We’ve all heard that there is a need for balance in the world, a need for dichotomy. A need to oppose things that we see as contradictory to achieve the perfect equilibrium. Seeing the world as balanced by opposites makes it seem so vulnerable.

There is sun and there is rain

There is day and there is night

There is future and there is past

There is beauty and there is ugliness

There is right and there is wrong

There is summer and there is winter

There is black and there is white

There is woman and there is man

There are sunsets and sunrises

But there are cloudy days, mist, rainbows, fog

There is the present

There are things that are mediocre, things that don’t stand out but that we’d miss if they disappeared

There are reasons for every action

There are autumns and springs

There are so many shades of grey (not to say 50) and so many other colours

And there are intersex and nonbinary people

The world is not balanced by opposites. It is balanced by everything in between that makes those opposites appreciable. Maybe it is time to stop seeing the world as binary and start acknowledging the in-betweens, the beautiful things that we don’t look at, because they are always here, always stable. Maybe if we did so, we would be more accepting. Maybe if we did so, we would feel more stable too.

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