New book club coming up!

11 december at 18.00 hrs @ Studio Babel (Derde Kostverlorenkade 35, 1054 TS Amsterdam) Last November we read the English version of Gloria Wekker’s book White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race in the feminist book club. This sparked some important conversations about systemic racism and what we can do on a daily basis to […]


Call for contributions on anti-racism

We are looking for writings! On October 17th, we hosted an anti-racism night with lectures by Arzu Aslan and Sarita Bajnath (you can read a reflection on the night here). Since racism and specifically anti-racism are such urgent topics, we would like to extend a discussion on them beyond this night, and continue the sharing […]

art work

Photographs by Julia Rose

Artist statement: “This selection of photographs/collages particularly reflects on the structures, traditions and representations that police the female body, influencing and restraining our own perception. By contrasting images of my body with additional visual information I aim to form a dialogue between my idea of Self and the structures which contextualize my body and exert […]


Creating a Feminist Playlist

In the first week of September we got together to listen to feminist songs. Beforehand, we asked our members to contribute to a playlist online, and we had well over 50 submissions. You can find the entire playlist on Youtube or follow it on Spotify. Listening to the music and watching the music videos led […]