Volunteers wanted!

Volunteers wanted! Dear FCA members we are growing in size and in need of more people to keep FCA running. We currently have different positions open, so if you would like to be more involved do keep on reading!
Online positions:
Facebook moderator:
Dear members, we are in need of one or more new moderators for the online group. Do you want to be involved with the Feminist Club on a deeper level? And are you interested in keeping this group a safe space for everyone? Then please apply and join the moderator team!As a moderator you make sure to keep this group a safe space by implementing the Code of Conduct http://www.thefeministclub.nl/coc/ and when necessary you step in and fix whatever issues may arise. Requirements for new mods:
  • Familiar with intersectional feminist theory (does not have to be academic)
  • Frequently available online & flexible. However all of us have our own private life and aren’t always available, that’s one of the reasons we need more moderators.
  • Somewhat fluent in English
  • Able to communicate clearly; when rules are broken or members need help it’s important to explain clearly why/how.
  • we prefer people who are acquainted with the group’s dynamics and have been a little active.
If you are interested do contact one of the current moderators on facebook: Dina Winkel, Ayla Bonji, Margot Ljammers, Ilse Valkering
Web master:
We occasionally need technical assistance managing our website and the hosting of it. This is a very small task, so if you have knowledge in this area and a bit of spare time, you’d be of great help! Speaking/understanding Dutch is not required. Please contact info@thefeministclub.nl if you’re interested. Blog Contributors Our website could use more contributors. This could mean writing blogposts, making youtube videos, artwork or other feminist content that we can share on our website. You are invited to make a single contribution, or to become a structural member of the website team. Are you passionate about a certain topic? Do you make beautiful photographs? We would really love to share your work on our website. You have a lot of freedom to pick what you want to contribute, as long as it fits the intersectional aims of the FCA. We have a list of proofreaders who can check the work before submitting it online. Please contact: website@thefeministclub.nl if you are interested.
Physical positions:
Discussion night coordinator:
Every three weeks the FCA hosts a physical night in Atria or MamaCash. We use three different formats; discussion night around one topic, speaker nights; where we invite speakers to talk about certain topics and workshops. Every night comes with a reading list to get into the discussions informed. Generally the nights have an intimate vibe and can be a great place to meet fellow feminists. As a discussion night coordinator you have the following tasks: -Make sure the event is published on facebook and eventbrite -Bring the moneybox and nametags to the meeting -Set up/tidy up the location; setting up the chairs, opening the door, taking care of the ticket registration, etc, making sure everyone leaves on time and the place is left in the same condition as before. -Invite members to organize and prepare a discussion night The last year we have often organized these nights ourselves, however we aim to have members of FCA to come with a team and organize the night to keep the grassroot element. This year our coordinators have all organized a night on topics such as anti-racism, feminism & dating and porn. As a new volunteer you might like to organize a night as well to experience what it’s like. Usually this position takes less than a few hours a week. You don’t have to be able to make it to every night but it’s useful if you can make it every other night. If you are interested send an email to:info@thefeministclub.nl
Book club:
For the past two years, the book club has been a regular part of FCA. The basic structure is that we alternate between fiction and non-fiction books, focussing on different cultural perspectives on intersectional feminism. Discussions tend to be lively, challenging, friendly and open up things you may not notice reading alone. We meet about once a month at my studio (Studio Babel – Derde Kostverlorenkade 35). At the beginning, we compiled a reading list here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-feminist-club-amsterdam/reading-list-book-club-suggestions/683562891791592/ We have a mailing list of about 30 people who regularly join, but it would be good to pick up more active communication. So far, the way it has been organized is that at least 2 people pick a date and a book and prepare the discussion (MODERATORS), while I make sure there is soup (sometimes also by other volunteers) and do all the rest of the organization. I am happy to still host the book club in my studio, but I am currently too busy to coordinate it properly. So I’m looking for one or several people to cover these tasks:- BOOK CLUB MODERATORS: pick a book with another person set a date. Prepare the discussion by offering an introduction and prompt questions, making sure it remains a safe space according to the FCA guidelines. Next one is on White Innocence, 15 january. – BOOK CLUB COORDINATOR: someone to keep in touch with the FCA main volunteer group and sync the themes etc with the big picture. This also entails finding at least 2 people per edition (the MODERATORS) who pick a book and prepare the discussion and communicating with them (3-4 hours per month) – BOOK CLUB COMMUNICATION: a volunteer who can help with the communication of the book club events in advance, such as sending out invites and reminders, making facebook and eventbrite events and answering any questions (2-3 hours per month) – BOOK CLUB COOK: someone to do shopping and make (vegan) soup for the creature comforts of the attendees. Kitchen available. (2 hours per book club) – BOOK CLUB REVIEWER: a writer to post a short review on the FCA website afterwards about the discussion and perspectives that open up (3-5 hours, plus attending the book club).The multiple roles can be combined as you like, according to the time you have available. The book club has been a thought-provoking setting for going in-depth and learning from each other. I hope we can continue it, even though I am no longer able to facilitate all the different roles. So book-lovers, who can step up?You can contact Shailoh at shailoh@studiobabel.nl.