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Ecofeminist film review: White Cube

This Wednesday you can watch this movie at Eye! If you happen to have a Cineville subscription you can watch it on their online platform Otherwise I hope you can find it somewhere else as I highly recommend watching this. :):)  White Cube is a documentary by artist Renzo Martens who seeks to empower […]


Matriarchy at the beguinage

To find a matriarchy you don’t have to travel far. In the Netherlands there are multiple beguinages to be found, like the one here in Amsterdam (the one on the photo). The beguinages in the Netherlands are currently not in practice, though they have been for many centuries. The women that started the beguinages in […]

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Which party says what? – Standpunten voor de verkiezingen

Scroll naar beneden voor Nederlands! As the elections are coming up we looked into how feminist topics are represented in the different party programs. The many parties (see the whole list here) on the same political spectrum often have similar viewpoints on many topics, though differ in the main focus of its program or in […]

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Why you should vote – Gebruik je stemrecht!

– A history of Dutch voting rights – Scroll below for English! De verkiezingen komen eraan! Op woensdag 17 Maart kunnen we onze stem laten horen. Ondanks dat veel mensen mogen stemmen, lijkt niet iedereen gebruik te maken van dit privilege. Tijdens de vorige verkiezingen, in 2017, kwam er meer dan 18% van de stemmers […]


What’s going on with Sex Trafficking?

Lately I have been seeing a lot of posters and flyers spread around in Amsterdam from the organisation No place for sex trafficking. At first I got lost in translation, but sex trafficking is actually sexual exploitation, thus forced labour in the sex industry and working under poor circumstances. The posters made me realise again […]