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body politics, body poetics: part 5 – electrikaˣ /// on gender, technology, and the cyberspace

Illustration: Ines DeRu pamela Feminism and cyberfeminism in Latin America are a praxis of their own. The lack of privilege and education that runs through the region generates a collective dissociation from the academic and conceptual feminisms of North America and Europe. I recently attended an online workshop1 held by Argentinian feminist hacktivists Sol […]

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body politics, body poetics: part 4 – latinikaˣ /// on Latin American feminisms and the streets

Poem: Gloria Anzaldúa pamela   In Mexico, it is common to hear the phrase se la robaron1. This means a woman was taken by a man and forced to mate with him and bear his children. This was a common practice in the generations before my grandparents. My great-grandmother–poor, with Cora indigenous roots, and […]

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body politics, body poetics: part 3 – corporikaˣ /// on the body, marginalization, and patriarchy

pamela Our body, our first territory, is unknown to us. We are not encouraged to get to know it. We are not taught about its parts, especially girls, especially genitals. And because everything is so internal, it is hard to see, to understand its cycles. When adulthood starts and processes like menstruation arrive, confusion […]

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body politics, body poetics: part 1 – artivist statement

de la cuerpa1 objeto a la cuerpa sujeto from the body object to the body subject pamela varela “The Church says: The body is a sin. Science says: The body is a machine. Advertisement says: The body is a business. The body says: I am a party.” –Eduardo Galeano I dedicate these words to […]