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The Feminist Club Recommends: Youtubers

The great power of new media is accessibility. Through media like youtube, twitter, and tumblr, you can find like-minded people from all over the world. It’s a wonderful way to connect and an opportunity to educate yourself. In this serie of blogposts, we want to share our favorite channels, tweeps and tumblee (is that a word?) etc. with you!

In this first edition you can find our favorite youtube channels. Click on the names to go to their channel, or watch on of their videos here. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with channels that should also be on this list!

Riley J. Dennis
Riley makes videos about all kinds of intersectional feminist topics, in which she explains her viewpoints. Some of the topics that she has uploaded about in the last few months are the Burkini ban in France, polyamory, intersex, asexuality, and Donald Trump’s infamous “Grab ’em By The Pussy” recordings.

Rowan Ellis
Makes visual essays, with really great images! They are great to watch in an aesthetical sense and very informative as well. She also does videos in which she just talks to the camera (often joint by other people) about topics that relate to feminism and sexuality.

Franchesca Ramsey / Chescaleigh
Franchesca is a writer, actress and video blogger who doesn’t just upload a lot of videos on her youtube channel. She has written and contributed to The Nightly Show on Comedy Central in the past and she is the host of the MTV webseries Decoded. In Decoded and in her own videos, Franchesca talks a lot about race and pop culture.

Marina Watanabe / MarinaShutUp
Marina Watanabe makes a Feminist Friday video every week, in which she discusses feminist topics. But don’t be fooled by that title, she makes feminist videos on other days too! Other content that she makes is about being vegan and mental health issues.

Marine Janine
Marine Janine describes her channel as a place where she talks about intersectional justice. In this scope, she discusses feminism, racism, body image and animal rights. She has a lot of videos on veganism and how it is (or can be) related to feminism. On occasion, she also makes videos in French.

Kat Blaque / TransDIYer 

Kat Blaque is a trans WoC who makes videos about all sorts of intersectional feminist issues. She uploads a video every Sunday and these are often relate to the news. Every once in a while she also does videos on beauty, but always with Black Products.

Davey Wavey / Wickedkewl
Davey Wavey makes videos on gay topics and is not an outspoken feminist like the channels above. However, he does tackle a lot of topics that can be seen as intersectional feminist. Recently he interviewed a gay Syrian refugee on refugee issues. He has made great content on transsexuality on multiple occasions, and I love the video he made on lesbians watching ‘Lesbian’ porn. This video on body image is also very entertaining:


We hope you enjoyed! In the next post, we will be recommending twitter-accounts that are great for feminist. So if you have any recommendations, let us know!

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