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Three 2020 films on women and politics

Two films released in 2020 about feminist movements that occurred in the 20th century. In addition, a very special documentary also brought in 2020 shows the social and political stakes by which women are concerned. 

Misbehaviour (2020) is a British, Australian, and Irish film directed by Philippa Lowthorpe. This film portrays the Feminist Liberation movement in the 70s in the UK. At this time, the Miss World competition was very popular, but women in the Feminist Liberation movement were really critical regarding the competition. They criticised the fact the women were judged based on their looks only, and how the competition was objectifying women. The film, thus, tells the story of actions taken by this movement to protest against this competition and the different causes for which they were fighting. 

The Glorias (2020) is an American film directed by Julie Taymor. It is a biopic of Gloria Steiman, based on the memoir My Life on The Road published in 2015 which tells her story focusing on relevant stages of her life. There are four different actresses playing her to differentiate each of these stages, hence the title. 

Gloria Steiman is a well-known feminist journalist and social-political activist in the US. She was born in 1934. She became a leader in the Feminist movements of the US in the 60s and 70s. She founded the magazine Ms. with the help of other members of the feminist movement. 

Women is a documentary (2020) made by two French directors, Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand. In this documentary, there are over 2000 videos from 50 countries raising their voices about their life’s experiences, situations, issues, and joys along with others. Moreover, this documentary was made in collaboration with local NGOs that support women’s rights. This is a way to show the diversity of women by showing women of different ages, nationalities, languages, abilities, sexual orientations, and so on. Through this sample of diverse women, the documentary highlights the injustices and issues encountered by women in their daily lives. These women touch upon various topics, such as education, maternity, work, period, and sexuality. These shots in face to face with the camera make the documentary look like an intimate discussion with these women. Even though the documentary puts into light women’s struggles, it is still done in a positive way by pointing out how women keep going, fighting, and empowering themselves. The link to the documentary’s website:

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