blue hues

A poem by Foteini Salvaridi

I told you that you, 

your exhaustion and your persistent struggle, 

are included in this mixed palette of blue feelings I experience lately

-but also since always-

and it was nice to hear

that somehow this was comforting for your soul.

I just heard the other day,

while waiting for the subway, the blue line

cis female to cis male: “you don’t have a chance for this job unless you are a woman, a gay person, a disabled person or a blue one.”

and in the blink of an eye I felt again that familiar feeling

That bluest blue

but blue enough to include you too. 

So, I cherish this blue

if it fits us all well

if I can stare into its vast depth 

and see us all

See the blue person getting the job

heading to the very same subway station on a typical Tuesday 

standing on the right side of the escalators

making space for other people in a rush to pass by

staring at the ceiling, walls and floor

all into lively blue hues.

It recognises me from a far and waves its hand 

then we both get into the subway

share our bad day at work and our plans for the weekend,

a smile and a kiss before disembarking. 

It was just another f*cking exhausting job after all.

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